Importance of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

How Many of You wear A **Heart Rate Monitor** when you Train???

If Not…Here is why you should, The Heart is A Muscle Right? Smooth that is, not Straited like our Body’s Armor that surronds us. For begginers this is the most important muscle in the Body. A heart rate monitor will help you in not only improving your Heart rate but also helping U so you dont OverTrain.(will talk about overtraining later) When using a HeartRate Moitor(HRM) your able to work ur body in the Zones they need to B in to get the results ur looking for.Lets use a person thats 32years old. Max heart rate for Adults is 220 minus ur age 32=188(220-32=188) So lets assume 188 is this persons 100%of max. So what are the training Zones you ASk? on the low end of Max of 50% a 32yrold would train at 94 beats a Minute(remember the avg resting heart rate is 80 beats per minute.
Now at the the lower end of HRate training the intensity level is light so you have to workout longer to burn more Fat. Since it takes 20min for Men and 30min for women to begin using Fat as Fuel in a Greater % then carbs(carbs are used 1st in training then fat and after 90min ur body attacks muscle for proteins to fuel the body.So more exercise dosent get more results unless u know how to feed the body while training(to be disscused later).short duration High Intensity Training builds lean mUscle and promotes fat burning post exercise at greater % then long duration low intensity exercise.

Training Zones for 32yrold 188 Max HeartRate(always +-10beats)

50% 84-104 (94 was 220-32=188×50%=94) Longer duration 45-90min
60% 102-122(112) long duration 40-60min
70% 121-141(131) med duration 30-50min
80% 140-160(150) short Duration 20-40min
90% 159-179(169) shortest duration 10-30min

So depending on ur level of fitness you would pick a zone and the amount of time and train in it. so a more fit person can train longer in each zone.

Just like weight training ur cardio training needs to change each time you do it so the body cant adapt.

different styles of cardio training

*Intervals 70-90% heartrate for 10-30min
warmup 5min and then depending on ur fitness level you will sprint or walk fast for 20sec up to 2min and then recovery for 2min down to 30sec and repeat 3 to 10x and then a 5min cooldown

*long Day 50-60% heartrate 40-90min walk / jog / bike / row

*Threshold Day 70-90% heartrate 5-30min
warmup 5min then depending on ur level of fitness
increase(if using a treadmill) the incline and speed every 1-2min for as long as you can and once you have reached ur max cooldown 3m

Short Day 60-70% heartrate 20-30min

pick a different style each time you go to the Gym
and remember do ur cardio either on seperate days then weight training or after weight training on the same day. to maximize ur fat burning capabilities.

This is a brief overview and many factors determine ur level of fitness.

Have A Great Day!
Andy Barris

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