TOD:Training of the Day

Start with:
Bike 5min
Dynamic warmup:legs and Shoulders.
Rev Lunge and lean.
Side skater lunge
Step back and Squat
5 Reps each to the rt and left.
Swimmers for the shoulders. May use lt.medicine ball or db’s 1-5lbs
Breast stroke 10reps
freestyle. 10 reps
backstroke. 10reps

Repeat below Circuit 4x
1.Treadmill or Bike
walk/jog 1min
sprint 1min
walk/jog 1min stop and go to next exercise

2.Hanging Leg Raise 10 reps

3.Smith Mach. Inverted rows 15reps
(may use under or overhand grip close or wide)
Lye on Back on Floor with knees Bent.Reach up to bar full arms length drive hips and pull your chest to bar.

4.Smith Pushups 15reps
Set bar on what ever height you wont, the lower the harder.
make sure to pull yourself into bar and push yourself away. feet should be on toes leaning over bar. chest to bar always for 1 rep.

5.1 arm Dumbbell Football snatch 6reps with 40lbs
Get in Football Lineman position reach down with One hand on Knee and the other holding DB resting on floor at center of body.Head up.Butt down, back flat. Lift straight up as close to your body as possible coming out of the bottom raising up like a DB upright row in one fluid motion raising the DB overhead and repeat.

Take 1-3min rest between cycles


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