TOD-Training of the Day

1.Bike 5min then 100 Pushups
2.Row 5min then 150 Box Squats (squat down to reebok step 4 risers high)
3.Step ups 5min then 150 Double Crunches (reebok step 4 risers high)
4.Kettlebell #30lbs Curl and Press from Knees. for 30 reps total
Switch Hands
Start down the ladder 5reps rt Hand / 5reps left Hand
4reps rt Hand / 4reps left Hand
3reps / 3reps
2reps / 2reps
1rep / 1rep
Then back up the Ladder 1rep / 1rep
2 / 2
3 / 3
4 / 4
5 / 5
a.Plank 1min HOLD
b.Quad(on Hands and Knees)30sec holds 2x each side
extend Rt arm Left leg and switch Lft arm rt leg
c.Bridge(lying on Back drive hips up) 1min HOLD
6.Breath 10x in the nose out the mouth.
Keep Track of time it Takes to Do 1st 4 exercises
Have A great New Year.

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