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TUES june 30th 09


Eastern Prom(if you dont live in the area find a big hill something that takes about 2:30 to perform a full loop.)

Cutter St.

Start Half Way Down And Park on the the Picnic  Table

Level Three :Run to the Top of Cutter then all the way down to RR tracks 2 full loops then back to the table 2x

Level Two: Run to the Top of Cutter then all the way down to the RR tracks 1 full loop and back to the Table 1x

Level One:Run to the Top of Cutter then down to the 2nd lot of the left and back to the Table 1x

Start By Running at what ever level you choose.Perform the run, then when you get back to the table

Do the Next Exercise.After performing Each Exercise Head out for another run at your level and repeat after each exercise for a total of 5 runs and 5 exercises

This Is a Timed Workout so keep track and Post your time!!


Dumbbell Squat Curl Press          25 reps 2.RUN
Stability Ball Med.ball Crunch  50 reps 3.Run
Prone DB Pushup 2 1 arm Row    25reps 4.Run
Intergrated Dumbbell Band Triceps Kickback(hold band and DB in hand together)                                               25 reps 5.RUN
Band Curls                        AsManyAsPossible (AMAP)                  

Finish TIME:

AB:28:43 level 3

CP:35       level 1

AE:41:     level 2

JP:37:56   level 1

GH:26:12  level 3


Yoga Five(Half Moon-Triangle-warrior 1-warrior 2-Downward dog) 3 deep breaths for each move in position)

Breath 20x

In through the nose out through the mouth as u make a circle from your waist to above your head with your Hands on the Way up Breath In. Exhale on the way down

Have a great week and check back daily for all your latest Fitness And Nutrition tips and Training


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