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Getting your Fatty Acids

Ok, as we all know Essential  Fatty Acids EFA’S are everywhere now added and fortified in alot of the foods we eat.

There are countless Benefits to taking EFA’S and we need to be aware of the Study’s and How Much was used during those study’s.

The Gold standard for EFA’S should be no less then 3 grams per day.1 gram with each meal is a good place to start.

If you cant get in the 1gram 3x a day. try 3grams about 30 min before bed.

This is an Old Body Building Trick as it tricks your body into releasing fat as Energy for a longer period of time while you sleep staving off the the muscle wasting effects of 8hrs of sleep and your body falling into a Catabolic state in which it will Attack Muscle for the energy it needs.

Here in the N.East we tend not to Get alot of Sunshine..So Cod liver oil with Vitamin D seems to help alot.

I know most of you dont like the Taste.So here is my recommendation for what I think is the Best Tasting Cod Liver Oil,

Item:  Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil.Lemon or Citris Flavored.

So start shooting a shoot of EFA’S before bed and feel the benefit’s

Thankyou and have a great Week!!


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