Sat 6/27/09

The Training Of the Day(TOD)

The KC

Warmup:Run half mile

Dynamic stretch(video’s of all dynamic warmups will be up and running soon)

1.Hip Flex/Ext-2.Rotation-3.Abduction/adduction(grass-cutters)-4.Rev. Lunge and Lean 5reps each leg

5.Step Back Squat to Rear- 6.3pt Lunge(3x rt  foot12-3-5/3x lft foot 12-9-7) think of a clock.7.Windmill

8.MB(3lbs) front Circles over head.9.MB Jab(3lbs) 50reps rt/lft.10.1.Leg Hold 1min each leg

Preform 10 reps of each unless noted 

MB Throws against Wall :( video will be up and running soon)

1.Soccor step with the rt foot 10x then left 10x- 2.Chest press 25reps-

3.Shovel from 8ft out 10rt10lft- (pivot back foot)4.Close rapid wall 10 each(hip and foot pivot)

TOD(Training of the Day)

Skip Rope 300 skips

Inverted Pullups 30reps

Medicine BallB(8lbs) Up Downs  50 reps

StabilityBall 1arm  KettleBell(15lbs) Chest Press 50 reps rt/ 50 reps lft(palm the ball/do not hold the handle.Handle down against the back of your wrist. not up)

Hanging Leg Raise 40 reps

StabilityBall Rev.Hyper Extention 30 reps 

Submit your time it took to complete the TOD







Make Sure to Stretchout and Breath 10x in through the Nose out through the Mouth.

Have a Great Day!!

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