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Importance of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

How Many of You wear A **Heart Rate Monitor** when you Train???

If Not…Here is why you should, The Heart is A Muscle Right? Smooth that is, not Straited like our Body’s Armor that surronds us. For begginers this is the most important muscle in the Body. A heart rate monitor will help you in not only improving your Heart rate but also helping U so you dont OverTrain.(will talk about overtraining later) When using a HeartRate Moitor(HRM) your able to work ur body in the Zones they need to B in to get the results ur looking for.Lets use a person thats 32years old. Max heart rate for Adults is 220 minus ur age 32=188(220-32=188) So lets assume 188 is this persons 100%of max. So what are the training Zones you ASk? on the low end of Max of 50% a 32yrold would train at 94 beats a Minute(remember the avg resting heart rate is 80 beats per minute.
Now at the the lower end of HRate training the intensity level is light so you have to workout longer to burn more Fat. Since it takes 20min for Men and 30min for women to begin using Fat as Fuel in a Greater % then carbs(carbs are used 1st in training then fat and after 90min ur body attacks muscle for proteins to fuel the body.So more exercise dosent get more results unless u know how to feed the body while training(to be disscused later).short duration High Intensity Training builds lean mUscle and promotes fat burning post exercise at greater % then long duration low intensity exercise.

Training Zones for 32yrold 188 Max HeartRate(always +-10beats)

50% 84-104 (94 was 220-32=188×50%=94) Longer duration 45-90min
60% 102-122(112) long duration 40-60min
70% 121-141(131) med duration 30-50min
80% 140-160(150) short Duration 20-40min
90% 159-179(169) shortest duration 10-30min

So depending on ur level of fitness you would pick a zone and the amount of time and train in it. so a more fit person can train longer in each zone.

Just like weight training ur cardio training needs to change each time you do it so the body cant adapt.

different styles of cardio training

*Intervals 70-90% heartrate for 10-30min
warmup 5min and then depending on ur fitness level you will sprint or walk fast for 20sec up to 2min and then recovery for 2min down to 30sec and repeat 3 to 10x and then a 5min cooldown

*long Day 50-60% heartrate 40-90min walk / jog / bike / row

*Threshold Day 70-90% heartrate 5-30min
warmup 5min then depending on ur level of fitness
increase(if using a treadmill) the incline and speed every 1-2min for as long as you can and once you have reached ur max cooldown 3m

Short Day 60-70% heartrate 20-30min

pick a different style each time you go to the Gym
and remember do ur cardio either on seperate days then weight training or after weight training on the same day. to maximize ur fat burning capabilities.

This is a brief overview and many factors determine ur level of fitness.

Have A Great Day!
Andy Barris

TOD Training of the day

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

tRY TO FINISH IN 30min or less
Run .50miles 1/2mile
Pushups 50 reps
Concept2 rower 500meters
BodyWt Squats 100 reps hip joint below knee knee joint full depth Range Of Motion
Pullups 25 reps
Run .50miles 1/2mile
Double Crunch 75 reps
Recorded times
AB 29:54
JC 28:31
PD 31:33
JB 27:00
KC 34:45

Flipping out (TOD)

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Training of the Day(TOD)
Warmup 10min
Dynamic Stretch
6 rounds for time of
1.300lb tire flip 6x
2.150lb Tire Drag 200ft
100ft Backwards walk/jog turn around
100ft Sprints back to finish
3.10reps Sledge Hammer Swings rt10 lft10

TOD:Training of the Day

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Start with:
Bike 5min
Dynamic warmup:legs and Shoulders.
Rev Lunge and lean.
Side skater lunge
Step back and Squat
5 Reps each to the rt and left.
Swimmers for the shoulders. May use lt.medicine ball or db’s 1-5lbs
Breast stroke 10reps
freestyle. 10 reps
backstroke. 10reps

Repeat below Circuit 4x
1.Treadmill or Bike
walk/jog 1min
sprint 1min
walk/jog 1min stop and go to next exercise

2.Hanging Leg Raise 10 reps

3.Smith Mach. Inverted rows 15reps
(may use under or overhand grip close or wide)
Lye on Back on Floor with knees Bent.Reach up to bar full arms length drive hips and pull your chest to bar.

4.Smith Pushups 15reps
Set bar on what ever height you wont, the lower the harder.
make sure to pull yourself into bar and push yourself away. feet should be on toes leaning over bar. chest to bar always for 1 rep.

5.1 arm Dumbbell Football snatch 6reps with 40lbs
Get in Football Lineman position reach down with One hand on Knee and the other holding DB resting on floor at center of body.Head up.Butt down, back flat. Lift straight up as close to your body as possible coming out of the bottom raising up like a DB upright row in one fluid motion raising the DB overhead and repeat.

Take 1-3min rest between cycles


LoCal French Toast..

Friday, January 8th, 2010

LoCal French Toast
8 slices of low calorie Wheat bread 35calories per slice.
4oz egg whites
4oz organic Milk 1%
1tsp Cinnamon
Mix whites milk and cinnamon and dip bread lightly and place in a
coated Pan with Smart Balance butter.
Cook til golden brown.

Quick hit

Friday, January 8th, 2010

TOD(Training Of the Day)
Concept 2 row 1000meters
Rev.Lunge to Touchdown 50reps(25rt\25left leg)
step back with right leg take right hand and touch left toe as left hand reaches up and back into the air look up.
Up downs with pushup and jump
10 deep breaths

Nutrition Tip

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

A great Way to Start your Day.
Try 1tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 4oz of Grapefruit Juice. Increasing ur Alkaline to acid ratio 1st thing in the morning.ACV has been around since 400B.C. and was used by the Father of Medicine Hippocrates for cleansing,healing,and energizing health qualities.(Bragg organic raw unfiltered APPLE CIDER VINEGAR with the mother)
I like to use Grapefruit Juice cause When i drink coffee after it helps in increasing the fat burning capibilities of the coffee.
When Drinking Coffee try to break the High amounts of cream and sugar by using.
BoltHouse Farms (Perfectly Protein) Mocha Cappuccino to benefit from the Whey protein instead of the fat from Creamers and sugar(which can be stored as Fat) or try Muscle MILK Chocolate or a combo of both.
or you may try any number of the other flavors.Try to decrease the sugar and fat in your coffee and increase it with proteins to feel the fat burning affects!!
Have a great Week

TOD-Training of the Day

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

1.Bike 5min then 100 Pushups
2.Row 5min then 150 Box Squats (squat down to reebok step 4 risers high)
3.Step ups 5min then 150 Double Crunches (reebok step 4 risers high)
4.Kettlebell #30lbs Curl and Press from Knees. for 30 reps total
Switch Hands
Start down the ladder 5reps rt Hand / 5reps left Hand
4reps rt Hand / 4reps left Hand
3reps / 3reps
2reps / 2reps
1rep / 1rep
Then back up the Ladder 1rep / 1rep
2 / 2
3 / 3
4 / 4
5 / 5
a.Plank 1min HOLD
b.Quad(on Hands and Knees)30sec holds 2x each side
extend Rt arm Left leg and switch Lft arm rt leg
c.Bridge(lying on Back drive hips up) 1min HOLD
6.Breath 10x in the nose out the mouth.
Keep Track of time it Takes to Do 1st 4 exercises
Have A great New Year.

Happy New Year!!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Rest Day…:)

A superwhey to start ur day !

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Berrygood Oatmeal:
1pak of Quaker weight control maple and brown sugar
2tbsp Natures Place organic old fash. Oatmeal
1scoop Vanilla whey protein
1tbsp L-Glutamine powder.(5grams)
1 scoop(provided)Cold Milled Flax Seed SAMs club
1tsp cinnamon
1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds
1/2tsp (local) pure natural Honey
1tbsp smuckers low sugar jam Strawberry
1/2cup Frozen Blueberrys.
At least 12oz of water..depending on how u like ur oatmeal
whisk dry ingredients in large bowl. Add blueberrys to desired water amount.bring to Boil and add slowly to dry whisking to consistency desired. Add honey and jam mix and let st for 2-5 min while it sets
up.I like mine alittle more liquid so I can drink
it plus get sum extra fluids first thing in the Am.

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